Shafqat Abbas

Shafqat Abbas


Name: Muhammad Shafqat Abbas


I have been working for radio: 8 years


Date of Birth – That lucky day happens to be 1st January.


Zodiac sign – Capricorn. 


Rjing Ishtyle: Talk show, romantic show.


Hobbies: Book reading, writing articles   


Favourite Music Artists: Udat Naryan, Ghulam Ali 


Favourite Songs: Aye Dile Nadan by lata 


Favourite Movies: Dil waley dulhaniyan le jain gy 


Favourite Actors/Actresses: Kajol,Nadeem


Fashion Sense: What kind of clothes do u like 2 wear:

Dress pent shirt


Mast Funda:  Smile n Shine.


Your favorite quotation 

“jiss pe ehsan karo oske shar se darooo.” — (Hazrat Ali(R.A))


 I Love:           Sincerity

I hate:             Selfishness 



Shab e Dostan:          10 to 12 AM Saturday Sunday night

Dareech ae Dil:         Wednesday 12 to 2 AM


My Contacts

Phone Number:  03347926067

For live call:  061-111 111 103