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Mehmood Riaz

Mehmood Riaz


Name: Mahmood Riaz


Brief introduction

He worked for FM103 Faisalabad for 3 years as an English and Bilingual RJ. Rated under A+ category. Professionally a Masters Degree Holder in Engineering he has engineered a career in Engineering and kept up successfully with the Radio stuff simultaneously. Recently joined the station at Multan station. In contrast with trendy official status as a gazetted officer, he always looks for perfection and works out the minor voids…

Zodiac Sign:



Rjing Ishtyle:

(Bilingual Masti and youth affairs)



Radio and watching movies


Favourite Music Artists:

                                                Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sukhwinder Singh

Favourite Songs:

                                    Music based on sensational melodies and heart trembling phrases attract me the most. Heavenly compositions of A.R Rehman, pure and powerful Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, delicate Mehdi Hassan and soul capturing Sukhwinder Singh will continue nourishing my musical taste…however to pick a few from recent listening Bulla ki Jaana by Rabbi shergul, Sukhwinder’s Hauly hauly se and Atif Aslam Tu Jannay Na drive me crazy….

Favourite Movies:

                                    I love to watch a lot of movies and it’s hard to pin down a few of them. And my ill memory makes it even hard for me. From the masterpiece of Amitabh’s Black to the Shahid Kapoor’s notorious Kameenay. I stand with a dozen more masterpieces. From the pleasing Aishwariya Hum dil dy chukay Sanam to the naughty Katrina’s Tu janay na..From thunderous Armageddon to the thrilling Gladiator.. from cherishing able Jab we met to the inspiring Pursuit of the Happiness Movies add a thrill and zeal to my life…


Favourite Actors/Actresses:

                                                Happy to know we have not been confined to the film and Tv Actors and Actresses only.. the best I have met was a friend of mine, Umar Randhawa, who made six boredom years of university classroom fill with cheers and laughter by his on spot Performances in the class and almost everywhere we accompanied him. his performances as wrestler John Cinna and coping almost everyone in the class have been a gem to listen ,  and of course Talat Hussain, Amitabh, and Mel Gibson are a proud individuals to keep with….


Favourite Books:

                         Ishfaq Ahmed’s  Zavia, Jannat Ki Talash by Rahim Gul,


Fashion Sense:

                        Unfortunately, I doubt possessing a conventional soul which seems not to impress a lot with the foolish outfits displayed on TV…however, I don’t hesitate to experiment with my outfits… nowadays in the era of load-shedding, I prefer kurtas and loose outfits to keep up with the revengeful heatwaves of Multan….



Mast Funda:

The days with the bunch of geniuses in China when we traveled across the chin dynasty for almost a month craving the best out of life..the days when we gathered from around the country to interact with the students across the globe… the cherishable moments at the Debating Club UAF, and all the highs and lows of life which contribute to my lasting memory…..

I Love:

Brave, Bold and Beautiful People accompanied by Intelligence, Innocence, and Excitement ….Optimism, Traveling, outing with friends, and above all life…. I have experienced and felt life with its full throttle in the joyous smile and shining eyes of my nephews, in the silent refreshing and nourishing environment of northern hilly areas and the spiritual scent of sufia……

I Hate:

I hate Pessimist, fearful and ignorant people when they insist to stick with their position…I hate people discussing matters they don’t know about, self-imposed poverty and fakeness in personality and character


My Contacts



Phone:    03004786381

For live call:  061-111 111 103